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Kids Supplements that Taste Great

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Kids Supplements that Taste Great

Plus No Pills to Swallow

My kids get SO tired of their gummy vitamins. I’ll buy a big tub of them and halfway through they refuse to keep taking them because they are “so sick” of the same thing. However, I want my kids to take their vitamins and stay healthy. I was so glad to get to try out Superior Sources newest line of Microlingual kids supplements made with less sugar. 

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Disclaimer: This review was done by team member Emily. She was provided product in exchange for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are her own and were not influenced by the developing company and/or its affiliates in any way.

The Most Affordable

Something I hate about vitamins and supplements, even for my kids, is how expensive they can be!  This is why I always turn to Superior Source myself. They are SO affordable, especially for all the nutrition you get. And you can get them anywhere! And right now Walmart.com is having an amazing sale on the most popular products. Get 15% to 30% OFF + FREE Shipping on supplements that I use regularly RIGHT HERE. But you can also find great deals on regularly priced items in places like Amazon.com and more.

Clean Ingredients for Kids

I’m far from a “perfect” mom, my kids eat fast food sometimes, they leave messes, but when it comes to their health I do the best I can. And I have no qualms about giving my kids these supplements and vitamins. The company has been a member of the Natural Products Association since 1997. They use only all-natural GMO-free ingredients. And NO fillers or extras. Each tablet contains the active ingredients (vitamins, minerals and herbs), natural flavors, acacia gum, and lactose (so be aware for lactose sensitive children!) and that is ALL. 

Tastes Great but LESS Sugar

With natural orange and cherry flavors, my kids confirm that while a little on the sour side, these taste great! But every one of these Kid’s Line Clean Melts supplements have less sugar than the equivalent gummy vitamin or supplement.  So I can feel confident that not only do my kids like taking these, but they aren’t loading up on extra sugar. 

Easy to Take Kids Supplements

Now, the great things about these is that even though they do taste good, they can be taken Microlingually. Pop it under the tongue and it melts away. The nutrients are absorbed right into the blood stream with no loss in the stomach acid. So my kids can just pop them under their tongues and go about their day. There is no “hassle” of chewing the same flavored gummy over and over and getting sick of them. Plus, when they are having a tough time falling asleep, they can take a Sleep Calm Melt and it’s like a tasty treat before bed. 

Don’t Forget to PIN it

Try out Superior Source's newest line of Clean Melts. They are Microlingual kids supplements made with less sugar. 

Kid-Sized Supplements for All

All of these tablets are tiny. Even the biggest Superior Source Vitamin C Clean Melt is small enough that I am confident that if my very tiny 6-year-old were to trip and swallow it, she would not choke. Plus, since they dissolve, there is almost no choking hazard with these. kids supplements, unlike gummies, which are normally larger than fruit snacks. 

Support Health and Nutrition

Because the vitamins and supplements are absorbed right into the blood stream under the tongue, that means I can be sure my child is getting the level of nutrition labeled on the bottle. Even kids can lose up to 50% of the nutrients in vitamins they eat and swallow. And with Superior Source’s use of the highest quality ingredients, I know my kids are getting the same nutrition that I am in my adult-dosage supplements. I’m so happy to see that not only can I get myself my vitamins and supplements but I know now I can get my kids the same high-quality kids supplements

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  1. I like that they have no artificial ingredients in them. Too many kids vitamins and medicines are going to artificial sugars now.


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