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Top Things to Do in Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea

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 Things to Do in Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea

There are some amazing things to do in Tel Aviv, Israel, and the Dead Sea. This beautiful area of Israel is a popular travel destination for a reason. Read on to learn more!things to do in Tel Aviv

Coastal view of Tel Aviv from Old Jaffa

Top Things to Do in Tel Aviv

If you are planning a trip to Israel, the city of Tel Aviv (and surrounding area) is one of the best places to explore. There are so many things to see and do that you can easily spend a week exploring without ever getting bored. And it’s all within a two to three-hour drive. Whether you are hoping to explore nature, wander the city, or enjoy some time in a museum, this area of Israel has a lot to offer. Read on to learn about some of the top things to do in Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea.

Take a Segway Tour in Tel Aviv

One of the most fun and popular ways to explore the city of Tel Aviv is by taking a Segway Tour. There are several different touring companies to choose from, including these folks. You can book a tour of different areas of the city, including Old Jaffa, the promenade, and the beach.Segway Tour in Tel AvivMy group and I rode the segway along the beach promenade in Tel Aviv. I must admit that I was originally going to pass on this adventure. I was worried about my knees (arthritis) and standing so long on them and the pressure on them. However, I am so glad that I did join in on the fun. It was a fun way to see the sites, enjoy the beach and you got to see more because you weren’t walking so could go farther. My group stopped when I need to relieve the pressure off of my knees. In the photo above I’m getting a lesson on how to operate the segway, so easy and it doesn’t take long!

Bauhaus Center

If you love architecture, a trip to the Bauhaus Center is in order. This center educates the public about the unique place known as the “White City.” German immigrants constructed this collection of Bauhaus style buildings in the 1920s and 30s. There are daily tours to see these beautiful buildings. And the Bauhaus Center offers a gallery, gift shop, and incredible tours of the White City. Be sure to check their website when planning your trip to learn more.things to do in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv beachfront area

Wander Habima Square

Located in the White City, Habima Square is the “cultural hub” of Tel Aviv. An art museum, theater, and a hall for the performing arts surround the square – also known as Orchestra Plaza. But this beautiful area is also a place of tranquility – with a sunken garden and a reflecting pool. As you wander or relax in the garden, you can enjoy the lovely sounds of classical music playing gently. This place is downright magical!Habima square in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel

Habima square in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel

Get Something Scrumptious to Eat

Tel Aviv is home to a number of incredible restaurants. Whether you are looking for Kosher fine dining, fresh seafood, or refreshing cocktails as you enjoy the nightlife, there are places to feed your senses around every corner. The best hummus and falafel that I’ve ever had before and since my visit to Israel. Tel Aviv FoodThe food simply put is incredible all over Israel! I consider myself to be a foodie and I was blown away everywhere I went at all the scrumptious food. I learned that Israel is known for its agriculture, so it’s no wonder that their produce tastes amazing, so much more flavour than anything I’ve tasted in North America. Even their coffee is the best I’ve ever had and I’ve been to Italy.coffee israelFrom the coffee in the hotel restaurants to other restaurants and my now favourite coffee place that can be found all over Israel Aroma Coffee. OH MY GOSH it was sooo good! Apparently Starbucks tried it out in Israel and it couldn’t compete with the coffee there, sorry Starbucks but I totally understand why, it’s amazing coffee. So foodies and coffee lovers alike you will love Israel especially Tel Aviv and the surrounding area for the restaurants and food markets.Tel Aviv market

One of the food markets that we visited, this was just one store in the market.

Top Things to Do in the Dead Sea

Located within a two-hour drive from Tel Aviv, spending time in the Dead Sea area feels like entering another world. There is great natural beauty to be found all around. Just going into the Dead Sea itself is an experience like no other.

From floating in just a few inches of water to feeling the excess salt on your skin which makes your skin oh so soft. It’s definitely not like the salt in any other body of water.

Take a Dip in the Dead Sea – A Unique Experience

Dead Sea Israel

View of the Dead Sea from the hotel I stayed in.In fact, some people come to the Dead Sea to treat their skin. There are amazing skincare products made from the Dead Sea, I tried some and took some home too. While I’m not a fan of swimsuit shots (of myself) I do love the idea of the #JustWearTheSuit movement so I decided to include some of the photos from my experience at the Dead Sea.Dead Sea IsraelLet’s face it, you can’t really show “beach” shots or seaside ones without people in swimsuits so I’m being braver and trying to be a role model. We are not all the same and that’s okay, be proud of who we are. Besides my experience at the Dead Sea is a memory I will never forget, so unique and fun too, I still talk about it 3 years later!The Dead Sea at coast of Israel

The evaporated salt patterns on a water surface. The Dead Sea at coast of IsraelDead sea salt shore. Ein Bokek, IsraelIn the photo below, I am trying to stop myself from floating in those inches of water, it’s next to impossible to not float, in fact, I was not successful at all and kept floating away in this shallow water. What an experience!Dead Sea IsraelOnce we got out of the Dead Sea, like any saltwater excursion you want to shower off outside before heading back to our hotel rooms. However, even after showering your skin feels oh so soft, not a complaint just saying. Dead Sea Israel

Some great places to explore around the Dead Sea area are:

En Gedi Nature Reserve

This beautiful nature reserve is the largest oasis to be found in Israel. There are walking trails and hiking, where you can enjoy streams, springs, and waterfalls. Abundant plant life and wildlife inhabit the area, and you can even visit the ruins of an ancient temple thought to be over 5,000 years old.Dead sea salt shore. Ein Bokek, Israel

Dead sea salt shore. Ein Bokek, Israel

Ein Bokek Beach

This beautiful beach is the main beach in the area of the hotels. But you can enjoy this lovely place free of charge, even if you aren’t a hotel guest. There is a snack bar, toilets and showers, drinking fountains, and beach chairs for sitting under a sunshade. There are even barbecue grills so you can cook up your own food!

Qumran National Park

Dating back to the 2nd century BCE and the time of the Essenes, the Qumran National Park is a place of amazing archaeological importance. The Essenes wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were discovered between the years 1946 and 1956 in the Ein Feshkha Caves. Visitors can tour the area, learning more about the history and geography of this special place. There’s also a wonderful museum where you can learn more about the ancient Essenes and see some of the few ancient items that have been found. And after your wandering, there’s a nice restaurant where you can relax and get a bite to eat.Caves of Qumran, IsraelCaves of Khirbet Qumran in the desert of Israel. The Tel Aviv area is an area rich in diversity. The contrast between the vibrant, modern Tel Aviv, the Old City of Jaffa, and the natural wonders to be found in and around the Dead Sea are truly stunning. With so many great experiences to choose from, you are sure to find many ways to create vacation memories that will last a lifetime!

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I will leave you with one last photo, this one of the Rothschild Hotel and Bistro. If you search photos of Tel Aviv, one like this is bound to show up, it’s unique and one of the many reasons it’s fascinating to just walk around Tel Aviv looking at the buildings. I was across the street so it was the best photo I could get lol.

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  1. Memories!! Your pictures so many places that I remember going to or seeing. It has been more then 25 yrs since we were there for almost 2 weeks. My sister, niece and me and we had so much fun. The food to this day I have never hqd any that good. One place we stopped one of the people offered my sister camels for her daughter 🙂

    Dead Sea just floating in that water. We took a boat trip don’t remember all the details but that was fun………. SOME DAY MAYBE WE WILL GO BACK

  2. Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful pictures of Tel Aviv! Cyber friends like you are the only way I will ever get to see such beauty. The Dead Sea is beautiful, the flowers, the sculpting, the food. It all looks fantastic. I am so glad you got to experience this and that you nicely shared it with us! I’m glad you experienced the water as you should in your bathing suit. I know we all feel self-conscious about it, but I really think none of us should. We’re all beautiful as we are.

  3. I honestly didn’t know there was this much to do in Tel Aviv! However, always known about the Dead Sea and is a spot I would love to visit some day. So happy you were able to experience this!

  4. What an amazing experience this must have been! I would absolutely love to visit here. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

  5. So that’s true—you can literally sit on the Dead Sea and read a book? Or lie and have a nap on the water? Haha that’s so fascinating. One day I’ll also visit this place to find out what it’s like to float in this shallow water.

  6. wow, looks like a great place to visit I have always wanted to take a dip in the Dead Sea for their health benefits as I have owned several spa items from there, and my skin felt wonderful afterwards.


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